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Essential Therapy Solutions is an amazing company that we have worked with for 6 years. One of the owners, Amber, was a phenomenal Speech Therapist for my son, Landon, for years. Not only did she provide Landon with speech therapy but she helped find additional resources for whatever she could help with. When she transitioned to working with younger kids and a different position in the therapy community, Amber recommended another amazing therapist from ETS, Vicki. Vicki is a wonderful speech therapist whom my son loves working with. She adapts to my son's learning needs and has been very successful. She also helps with additional needs and recommendations. We are so blessed and thankful for both Amber and Vicki. Essential Therapy Solutions is not just another company sending random therapists.…


Sarah and Essential Therapy Solutions came into our lives when my son was two and a half years old. Miles did not speak and we were very concerned about what that meant and what could be done for him. After a thorough and insightful evaluation, Sarah began making regular visits to our home and providing him with speech therapy through a variety of thoughtful techniques. The impact of her work was life changing. Miles began to talk. Not only did she give Miles the tools and skills he needed to communicate effectively, she taught us how to communicate with him. Prior to Sarah, we struggled to find ways to help our son. She helped us understand what was happening with him, and what we could do to really help move him forward. I say without reservation that Sarah made an incalculable impact on Miles’ life and future. She changed the course of our lives as a family and as parents. We will always be grateful for her expertise, her kindness and her dedication.


Colette has been so wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge in understanding some of our daughter’s challenges.  With Colette’s help, her speech is improving a lot.  Colette is so genuine and caring – and having her support not only helps our daughter, but our whole family, and we cannot thank her enough. We feel fortunate to have her!


ETS played a huge part in my son's life, and his many successes. Amber worked with Logan for several years, and helped me during transition times. The level of care and compassion you receive makes it easy to think of your therapist as a member of your family. We truly appreciate everything they have done for us!


Thanks for all you do for us. The amount of guidance and knowledge, along with patience and caring you provided for my family went above and beyond all expectations!


 I just wanted to compliment your therapist, Melissa, who works with K. I have never seen such an immense noticeable difference in a member's speech before. I had such a wonderful conversation with her at her last meeting due to that. Such an excellent job. Thank you! 


I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that you have two really amazing women working for you. Most of the time when I called Marisa, she would pick right up. If she didn’t, she would always call back within a few minutes. That is very unusual when dealing with coordinators or anybody, really. Marisa was always so kind and I always felt like I had as much time as I needed to talk about anything we needed. If Marisa said she was doing something, it was done 100% of the time, and quickly, with no follow up needed from me. Marisa helped get me through the first horrible days in dealing with our new reality. I’m so sad that we’ve moved on to a new coordinator, we will really miss having Marisa as the leader of Team Lina. I just can’t say enough good things about her.

Kelsey is just as wonderful. We are so happy to have her on our team. You can really tell that Lina is a priority for her. She is always thinking of ways to make her life better. She is so kind and gentle with Lina but pushes her as much as she can. I love the knowledge that she has, and the fact that she is just such a compassionate kind human. We’re really lucky that she’s in our life. 


R's mother loves Jo Ann.  She always confirms appointments, which mom likes because it gives her a reminder.  Jo Ann quickly got to know R and is always able to keep him engaged.  She always brings something to use in therapy and he looks forward to seeing what she is going to bring with her.


I would like to give a shout out to Mariana. My daughter Chloe graduated from speech/feeding with her and we had a great experience! She was very kind and worked really well with providing appropriate strategies and tools to help foster her growth! We are blessed we had the opportunity to work with her!

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